Hair Transplant Success Rates: Chandigarh vs. Other Cities?
What Is the Success Rate of Hair Transplant in Chandigarh Compared to Other Cities in India?

People who are already experiencing baldness are definitely concerned about how well the hair transplant procedure will work before undergoing it. Undoubtedly, the concern is real, especially when both hard-earned money and time will be invested in the hope of achieving effective results. Thus, while considering the hair transplant, it’s fair to have a thought on the success rate along with other factors.

On your way to overcome the trauma of hair loss, or baldness, Vizox Clinique will not let you down. We house experienced and qualified specialists to carry out the procedure and provide in-depth advice, ensuring that you are thoroughly aware of your suitability for the care.

However, with increasing awareness and the importance of appearance, cosmetic surgery has come into the limelight all over India, even in Chandigarh. As for the success rate in this city, it can understandably vary greatly from doctor to doctor. To know more about the hair transplant in Chandigarh along with their success rate, take a tour of this post!

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Hair Transplant Success Rate in Chandigarh compared to other cities

In India, there are plenty of hair transplant clinics, each offering different levels of facilities and care. Nowadays, hair transplants are performed by a variety of specialists, resulting in favorable outcomes.

Thus, speaking of success rate, we can rest assured that highly qualified, trained, experienced, and enrolled surgeons provide better success rates. The surgeon you choose for the hair transplant procedure will be evaluated on the basis of his success rate for a hair transplant in Chandigarh.

There are some selective hair transplant centers around the world, such as Vizox Clinique, that have success rates ranging from 95%-100%, with the lowest damage rates being less than 1%.

Regardless of top-notch treatments, Chandigarh’s best hair transplant clinic asks for a reasonable price, making Chandigarh the leading place for hair transplant procedures.

Surgeons at Vizox Clinique are the industry leader in FUE and DHI methods by offering outstanding results with guaranteed favorable results. They are well-known for offering hair implants with the lowest damage rates and the highest density.

The table below will show the estimated success rates of hair transplant in different cities of India:+

Name of the City

Success Rate (approximate)


Up to 95% to 98%


Up to 97% to 100%


Up to 90% to 95%


Up to 90%

Note: The above success rates are approximate percentages and vary subject to individual.

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    Is Chandigarh Good for Hair Implant?

    Chandigarh, being the leading destination, is popular due to its high success rate of hair transplant compared to other cities in India. Their success rate is almost 100% compared to other cities. With a unit of highly skilled, experienced surgeons, and a commitment to offer natural-looking results and state-of-the-art facilities, getting implants exclusively at Vizox Clinique in Chandigarh is a great decision. We are talking more about hair implant success rate here!

    This section includes the approximate success rates of each hair transplant method.

    Hair Implant Method/Procedure


    Success Rate 

    FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction

    Contains solely removing follicular units from the contributor site without a strip of skin.

    Its success rate ranges between 80-90%, however, it may vary from case to case.

    FUT or Follicular Unit Transplant

    Comprises taking off a strip of skin from the contributor site and removing follicular units for implant 

    Generally, the success rate of the procedure ranges between 90 to 95%, however, it may vary from case to case.

    DHI or Direct Hair Transplant 

    Very similar to the FUE method, but includes the use of a specified pen-like equipment for removal and transplantation.

    The success rate of this procedure ranges between 85 to 95%, however, it may vary from case to case.

    Success Rate of Hair Transplant in Chandigarh: Depends on the factors below

    • Clinical Infrastructure
    • Surgeon experience and skills
    • Technology used 
    • Post-care by patient after hair transplant method

    The success rate of hair transplant is not a percentage, but the satisfaction received by the surgeon who carries out the procedure.

    FUT Success Rate 

    For FUT, surgeons must have the ability to implant follicular grafts to the receiver location with success rates betweecn 95 to 98%. In some cases, this percentage may be even 100%. 

    During the consultation process, patients and doctors should consult about the number of follicular units required to attain perfect coverage based on the patient’s particular hair loss level, the direction of the hairline, and certain goals of the patient. 

    FUE Success Rate

    Since specific follicular units are removed from the donor part to be transplanted to the recipient site, the FUE hair transplant in Chandigarh method takes a longer time. Whether it is performed manually or combined with one of the many automated types of equipment available to surgeons, FUE has minimal impact on the ultimate success rates of patients who choose FUE.

    The success rate of this method depends on the total number of hair follicles transplanted. If the correct amount of follicular units are transplanted to provide correct coverage, the FUE method should be completely successful. Depending on the knowledge, experience, and qualifications of the hair transplant surgeon performing the procedures, the expected level of success varies.

    Patients must understand that expectations must be kept sensible as it is not possible to bring back what is permanently lost. Consulting with the surgeon related to expected results will give you a better idea of ​​what can be achieved.

    DHI Success Rate

    With DHI Hair Transplant in Chandigarh, hair grafts implanted have a success rate of up to 99%. No other implant procedure comes close to this percentage. 

    Final Words!

    Several patients at Vizox Clinique are very satisfied and happy with the outcomes. Over the years, our surgeons performed several procedures and had excellent results. Several patients believe that their looks after the procedure from here finally meet what they feel inside, healthy, youthful, and vibrant. If you have any further questions, or do you experience hair loss? Get in touch with us today and discuss your problem with our friendly team. Moreover, avail yourself of affordable and successful hair transplants in Chandigarh.

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