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Whatever the cause of baldness, Hair Transplant is an excellent solution for people who have thinning or hair loss. During this procedure, after evaluation by an expert surgeon, the implant surgery is performed in the following manner: the hair follicles are taken out from the patient’s body, particularly from the sites where there are permanent hair roots and then these grafts are precisely implanted into the recipient bald site.

If you are undergoing a hair transplant in Chandigarh, it would be a good idea to do a little research about the different types of hair restoration methods/techniques in vogue these days. But, make sure these techniques must be performed at the best hair transplant clinic in Chandigarh

In speaking, there are a few types, but in reality, only two methods have grown to be performed in Chandigarh’s hospital. These techniques are FUE and DHI. Here is some detailed information about the two procedures that Vizox Chandigarh does!

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Different Hair Transplant/restoration methods performed in Chandigarh 

Hair implants have gained immense popularity in recent years. Whether it is a man or a woman, a hair transplant helps get the old look back whoever having it done. Keeping this demand and interest in mind, new hair transplant techniques can be introduced every day.

 Although we have already mentioned two commonly performed methods (FUE and DHI), some different hair restoration techniques are also beginning to gain attention. These include:

At Vizox Clinique, we advise you should be wary of unproven, untested methods. It is in your best interest to follow the advice of your specialist surgeon. The best hair transplant hospital in Chandigarh, like Vizox Clinique, offers the suitable hair transplant method using the latest technique to deliver the best.

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    Popular Hair Transplant Techniques used by the best hair transplant hospital in Chandigarh

    As in many other locations, in Chandigarh, there are two leading types of hair transplant procedures that are commonly carried out:

    1. FUE Hair Transplant

    Being the newest method with a modern approach, start-of-the-art tools like robotic, sapphire, or micro-motorized inserts are effectively used in FUE. The hair roots, in these methods, are taken individually from the donor area using the mentioned equipment. Later the subtle nerves are opened on the head and hair is planted there.

    • Robotic FUE 

    In Chandigarh, some clinics use robotic techniques to assist in the FUE method. These robots comprise the use of imaging techniques to find and extract follicles.

    • Manual FUE 

    In this method, manual tools are used to extract follicles. Irrespective of the process being slower, FUE can enable greater precision and control.

    • Sapphire FUE

    The best hair transplant hospital in Chandigarh such as Vizox Clinique ensure quicker recovery and smaller incisions in the Sapphire FUE procedure. 

    Note: The FUE hair technique is result-oriented and short but also more expensive compared to DHI and FUT.

    1. FUT hair Transplant

    Another popular name is Strip Hair Transplant; FUT Hair Transplant is a procedure that was considered the best hair transplant procedure and is still maintaining popularity today. 

    Healthy hair roots, in this procedure, in the donor site are implanted along with the skin with the help of an incision that opens in the implanted site. On the scalp, the cut strips are broken into smaller pieces. 

    Afterward, these skin strips are implanted in the site while the hair implanted will be carried out. During FUT hair transplant, it is important to keep stitches on the incision area left open while performing the surgery and remove it after about a few days.

    Some other Hair transplant Techniques performed by the best hair transplant hospital in Chandigarh 

    There are some other advanced techniques that some clinics may offer in Chandigarh including Vizox Clinique. These include:

    • DHI Hair Transplantation 

    Many have shown that DHI hair implants are one of the most popular hair transplant methods. In the DHI method, healthy hair roots at the donor site are removed using a special pen called a choi. The removed hair roots are effectively transplanted to the location where the transplant will be performed. During this method, no channel is opened to place the hair follicles on the head. The hair implant is done immediately and takes one round.

    Which hair transplant method is most effective?

    Many of you may have the same question in your mind, ” Which is the most effective or best method for hair transplant”? Remember, everyone’s mental and physical condition is not the same. Due to this reason, patients should research the hair implant method that best suits their needs.

    Therefore, a hospital like Vizox Clinic should be chosen, which has a higher success rate and the best results. In recent years, various adequate surgical equipment has been introduced in hair transplant centers. The most effective technique for hair transplantation can be selected for the patient as a result of quality control and recommendations of expert specialists.

    Receive the Best Hair Implant Experience in Chandigarh at Vizox Clinique

    Chandigarh Implant houses the most skilled and qualified surgeons. Our team has the expertise and knowledge in hair restoration and has been successful in delivering consistent results while maintaining standards of excellence and trust. Our proven track record and professionalism have enabled us to gain the popularity of the practice amongst result-oriented and highly competent medical professionals.

    Closing Words

    Hair Transplant procedures started to differentiate and grow as time passed and technology evolved. Due to this, new hair transplant procedures and traditional methods started to be compared. However, each method has its own pros and cons. It is better to take any decision only after consulting your doctor.

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