5 Hidden Side Effects of Hair Gel
Hair gel

Elevate your boring, dull look into something cool, stylish, and neat by applying hair gel! But do you know that hair gel has many side effects? While frequent use of Hair Gel may lead to issues such as discoloration, dryness, hair loss, or dehydration, it still plays an important role in day-to-day hair styling. Even if you dress well or apply makeup products, you cannot achieve any specific change or look perfect if your hair isn’t styled properly.

That being said, hair is one of the essential elements of one’s looks and personality. Therefore, applying hair gel on special occasions to make them look good is a smart choice. Whatever the case, hair gel works well for shaping and styling hair, but using it sparingly will preserve the natural texture and sheen of your hair.

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    Now, let’s take a look at the common side effects before adding hair gel to your styling journey!

    Did you know? Excessive use of hair gels may cause several issues, including hair loss, baldness, and clogged hair follicles. Some hair gels contain a harmful ingredient that is likely to cause nausea. Overuse of hair gels can make the scalp itchy.

    5 Hidden Side Effects of Hair Gel

    Makes hair dry and dehydrates  

    Overuse of hair gel can also result in frizzy hair, which is dry, rough, unmanageable, dull, and lifeless.

    If your scalp is dehydrated, it may give birth to several hair issues, and dandruff is one of them. Using hair gel more often causes infection, dehydration, and undernourishment to your scalp, thereby causing itchiness and irritation, which further lead to flaking and dandruff. Therefore, be mindful of how often you apply hair gel. However, aside from hair gel, dandruff can also be caused by clogged and unhealthy pores, inadequate production of sebum, weakening of hair roots, and unhealthy hair follicles.

    Did you know? Inflammation occurring on someone’s scalp can lead to skin disease. Such scalp problems should be treated by an experienced healthcare provider. One who is using hair gels and experiencing flakiness must use anti-dandruff in their scalp routine.

    Makes hair damaged and discolored

    Other major side effects of applying hair gels include hair thinning, split ends, damage, and discoloration. Hair gels snatch away all the moisture and nutrients from the hair, causing them to peel and break. Furthermore, these gels negatively affect pH levels, making them dull, rare, and unhealthy. Gels containing harmful chemicals also cause side effects like discoloration and fading on coloured hair. The more often the hair gel is used, the faster the graying will occur.

    Note: If using hair gel hinders scalp nourishment and causes severe hair fall, then contact a sought-after hair transplant hospital in Chandigarh.

    Hair starts falling

    Most hair gels dehydrate the scalp and hair, resulting in hair fall and breakage. The availability of alcohol and chemical constituents in such gels, combined with external debris and pollutants, react with the formation of excess sebum and dead cells on the scalp. As a result, this will clog the hair follicles and, ultimately, lead to hair loss. Long-term hair fall can lead to many problems, like baldness, hairline, etc. In that case, you should consult a trichologist at Chandigarh Hair Transplant Clinic.

    Note: While some hair gels have adverse side effects, some may not if chosen from a reputed and well-known brand. We believe you should use chemical or alcohol-free formulas to get their higher advantages.

    Affects hair texture and shin

    Prolonged use of hair gels adversely affects the hair texture. Since hair gels can reduce the production of sebum, it makes hair frizzy and lifeless over time. So, it’s recommended that you use hair gels occasionally to keep your hair happy and healthy.

    Tips to overcome hair gel side effects

    • Clean your hair and scalp right after the hair gel has been applied. Doing so will help stop product buildup.
    • Make sure to have gel-based hair gels instead of chemical-based ones (alcohol) to prevent split ends and drying.
    • Avoid applying hair gel regularly. 
    • Always use a little hair gel while styling your hair.
    • Avoid hair gel when your hair is dirty or greasy.
    • Avoid brushing your hair right after applying hair gel.
    • Buy hair gel from a reputed brand, no matter how pricey it is.


    In a nutshell, hair gels play many roles, be it improving the texture of the hair, making the hairstyle stable and long-lasting, giving a nice finish to the hair, enhancing the overall personality, or beautifying the face. Also, hair gels are known to have various negative effects on the scalp, hair, and even the body, as they contain deadly chemicals. If you have already faced severe consequences from hair gel, like hair damage, book an appointment at a Hair Transplant Clinic in Chandigarh.

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