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Hair transplantation is a small surgical procedure performed on the first two layers of our skin. Vizox Hair Transplant Clinique is “The Best DHI Hair Treatment Clinic in Chandigarh”. The DHI Technique should be performed in a hospital environment in order to reduce or minimize the risks of any type of infection. In order to obtain a natural looking hairline while performing hair transplantation, a natural angle of 30-45 degrees should be provided. Ignoring this angle during the procedure will result in an unnatural appearance. So to get a more natural look, it is very important to plant the grafts at the right distance, at the right angle, and at the right frequency. Moreover, after the transplant at Vizox Clinique, the necessary prescription is given to each patient, and it is aimed at obtaining maximum benefit from the hair transplant procedure.

Hair Transplant Stages

Hair transplantation consists of four stages: First, performing local anesthesia and, in the second stage, removing grafts and follicles with the help of a micromotor, The Third stage is the opening of the channels, also called slitting (Slitting is not done in the Direct Hair Implantation method). The fourth stage is transplanting the grafts in the opened channels.

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    At Vizox Clinic, we use the latest technology, like professional Hair Analysis devices, to analyze hair problems. It gives us information about whether the patient is suitable for the transplant or not, whether the hair density that is required for the patient can be achieved, or whether they may require prior medication before the transplant. The analysis obtained by the device can provide an accurate picture of the expected outcome of “The Best Hair Transplant Procedure”.

    After the appropriate medical treatment, the medicines have been provided by the doctor to Fastrack the healing process. In this context, after using “The Latest Hair Transplant Techniques” at Vizox Clinique, a precaution list is provided to each patient to obtain the maximum benefit from “The Best Hair Transplantation” process.

    Bio-PRP Procedure

    After the hair transplant, the correct “Bio-PRP Procedure” is to be performed on every patient. It provides necessary vitamins to the existing as well as implanted grafts or follicles. The Bio-PRP is best “Hair Treatment for Thinning Hair”. The PRP procedure determined that the required plasma reaches the end of each root and has been performed after the transplant. It has been observed that proving Bio-PRP soon after the transplant can increase the rate of follicle growth by 90%–98%. Vizox Bio-PRP treatment is very useful and mostly applicable for “The Best Ladies Hair Treatment in Chandigarh” to reduce hair fall.

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