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Cost of FUE hair transplant in Chandigarh

FUE is a leading and famous procedure of hair transplant in Chandigarh, and this method is performed on other parts of the body including beard, eyebrows, and chest. The technique delivers natural-looking hair growth and is minimally invasive. Further, recovery is speedy, and very small cuts are made during the procedure.

Vizox Clinique offers the lowest prices for FUE Hair Transplant in Chandigarh city. Get detailed information related to the price of this procedure of hair transplant on this page!  Note that the total cost of the FUE procedure depends on the number of sessions required to achieve favorable results.

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    A comprehensive guide on FUE Hair Transplant Cost in Chandigarh

    When undergoing FUE hair transplant in Chandigarh, the cost is considered the most important aspect. However, the cost of the hair transplant method is determined on a per graft basis depending on how many sessions are required and one’s replacement needs. Each session involves 3000 to 3500 grafts, with an average of about 2 to 3 grafts. This average, however, varies from individual to individual.

    In simple words, after inspecting the current scalp density and locations of lost hair, the cost can be determined. A hair transplant at Vizox Clinique in Chandigarh is available at the most budget-friendly price.

    As opposed to other cities across India, the Chandigarh Hair transplant centers are affordable for hair transplants, which typically charge between Rs 25,000 to Rs 40,000, which goes up to 80,000, based on the scalp condition. The number of grafts needed, the time taken, and the skill & expertise of the doctor highly influence the FUE hair transplant cost. 

    Here is your answer: If you are searching for FUE Hair Transplant cost in Chandigarh, then on average, hair transplant cost is around Rs 35,000, and per graft, it costs around Rs 25 for a graft from the head and Rs 30 for a graft from beard and body. 

    Remember: FUE Hair Transplant costs start from Rs 25, which ranges up to Rs 200 (per graft + GST Taxes).

    A thumb rule is the more the grafts require, the higher the cost will be. Well, it is difficult to estimate the exact cost of a FUE hair transplant. But, at Vizox Clinique, we provide the best possible transplant services with huge discounts.

    Speaking of the major factors that affect the overall transplant cost, these include:

    • The hairline design
    • Site of Baldness
    • Donor Quality
    • Current situation of existing hairs
    • Density Required
    • Quality of Clinic
    • Surgeon/Doctor’s skill and experience years
    • Depends upon cities 

    FUE Hair Transplant Cost at Chandigarh best hair transplant clinic (In Tabular Form)

    Number of Grafts

    FUE Hair Transplant Cost (per graft)

    Session needed
    500-100040-45 Rs1
    150040-45 Rs1
    250033-45 Rs1
    300033-45 Rs1
    400030-45 Rs2
    500030-45 Rs2
    600030-45 Rs2

    Factors that affect the cost of FUE Hair Transplant

    1. Availability of Donor Graft 

    Generally, hair follicles are harvested from the back of the scalp, which is considered the leading donor site. If the donor location is insufficient or thin, however, the surgeon may need to extract follicles from other areas of the body, such as the beard or chest. This approach will ultimately be challenging and time-consuming and will increase the total cost of the surgery.

    1. Baldness grade

    The FUE hair transplant clinic in Chandigarh has different costing structures, so it is suggested to compare prices for similar hospitals before choosing one. Before that, understand that the cost is typically proportional to the level of baldness an individual has. A person with severe baldness requires a greater number of grafts, which will result in an increased total cost of the surgery. 

    Advice: It is important to have a thorough assessment of your level of baldness to determine the extent of implants required.

    1. The total number of grafts 

    The cost of a graft required in FUE hair implant methods typically falls within the range of Rs 25 to Rs 130. At Vizox Clinique, the doctor has relevant expertise to determine the certain number of grafts required based on the person’s baldness or hair loss condition.

    The more grafts needed, the overall cost of the procedure will be affected. Note that the actual data related to the number of grafts and their costs may vary from hospital to hospital.

    1. Sessions required 

    In the FUE hair transplant procedure, each session takes several hours, usually 4 to 8 hours. Your surgeon can implant 3000-4000 grafts during an individual session; however, in some cases, more than 4000 grafts may be required. 

    In order to achieve the desired results and treat the higher degree of baldness, you may need to go through multiple sessions. Each subsequent session will affect the total cost of the hair implant, as it includes the resources, additional time, and skills of the medical unit.

    1. Quality of Clinic/Surgeon Expertise

    The cost of an FUE hair transplant depends on the experience of surgeons and the goodwill of the clinic. Since hair implant is a matter of medical treatment, it is always better to opt for the best doctors.  Chandigarh Best Hair Transplant Clinic Vizox Clinique ensures the best hair transplant procedure like FUE through quality surgeons and the latest technology.  

    Get natural-looking hair growth in Chandigarh at Vizox Clinique

    At Vizox Clinique, we help you give in the hands of the best hair implant surgeons and doctors in Chandigarh. Our team of doctors comprises one of India’s finest hair transplant doctors. Experienced and highly qualified cosmetic plastic surgeons with their dedicated units are fully skilled to meet the requirements of our clients. 

    Hair Transplant Centre at Chandigarh is met with state-of-the-art infrastructure and operation theatres are equipped with one of the advanced and latest tools or instruments. Our nursing staff is cooperative and friendly. We ensure every patient can have a great implant experience. Contact us today and book your FUE hair transplant consultation!

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