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Are you noticing abnormal hair fall, continuously receding hairline, or skin-related problems, including wrinkles, pigmentation, etc.? The reasons could be many, such as improper sleep cycle, excessive stress, fast lifestyle, chemical-based skin and hair care products, lack of a well-balanced diet, hormonal imbalances, and others. 

Well, you’re not alone! Countless people around the world are struggling with such issues as a result of which they are losing their self-confidence and are facing a lot of embarrassment. 

Fortunately, modern science provides solutions in the form of skin transplantation and hair transplantation. Considered to be the best hair transplant hospital in Chandigarh, Vizox Clinique aims to help one get their confidence back after undergoing skin and hair transplant treatment.

We’ll talk about Vizox Clinique’s skin and hair transplant procedures in this blog, which can help you feel more confident and change the way you look overall.

In this article:

  1. Approach towards Hair Transplant 
  2. Approach towards Skin Transplant
  3. Vizox Clinique: Ultimate destination for Hair and Skin Transplant

Vizox Clinique’s Approach towards hair transplant

Hair Transplantation is a surgical process that includes the removal of hair follicles from a contributor area which is usually the sides or back of the scalp or head, and implanting them in areas suspecting hair thinning or baldness. Then the implanted hair follicles are placed carefully to mimic regular, natural hair growth, as a result, it will offer a more natural and fuller-looking hairy scalp. 

Note: If you’re from Chandigarh and looking for the best hair transplant clinic near me, Vizox Clinique would be the perfect place. 

We, at Vizox Clinique, perform the most successful and popular hair transplant procedures, and these are the Sapphire FUE method and DHI Technique.

Sapphire FUE Method

Popularly known as the most advanced hair transplant method, the Sapphire FUE method at Visox Clinic is for patients, be it men or women, who are undergoing hair loss due to traction alopecia, trauma, androgenic alopecia or marginal alopecia.Due to offering precise and natural results, Vizox Clinique has become the best fue hair transplant clinic in Chandigarh. As its name suggests, the method mixes the well-known FUE approach with advanced medical equipment.

DHI Procedure

DHI hair transplantation procedure comprises the removal of hair follicles from the donor area using an extractor. Then the hair follicles are placed directly on the targeted area with the help of a single-use implanter.  

The DHI method enables surgeons to make incisions and harvest hair at the same time. Well, our certified surgeons at Vizox Clinique ensure favorable outcomes after the procedure. 

Tip: Wish to regain your hair and appearance? Look no further! Contact Vizox Clinique, which is considered the best DHI Hair transplant in Chandigarh.

Vizox Clinique Approach towards Skin Transplant 

Like a head full of hair that enhances the looks, who wouldn’t want to have skin free from acne, wrinkles, blemishes, and discoloration that makes you feel younger? Common skin problems, however, can be extremely frustrating. Don’t worry, Vizox Clinique has brought up non-surgical skin treatments that prevent fine lines and scars, even out your skin tone and remove unnecessary facial hair. 

Depending on how much recovery period you can get, what you’re looking to work on, and how long you want the treatment to last, there are particularly three options available at our Clinique:

  • Botox Treatment 
  • Skin Fillers
  • Laser Hair Reductions

Botox Treatment

Other than being reputed as Chandigarh best hair transplant clinic, vizox Clinique has gained popularity for this skin treatment. The major purpose of Botox is to improve wrinkles and fine lines in the face. 

Our surgeons inject the chemical botulinum into face muscles and they become relaxed and paralyzed for a few hours. Doing so will help make wrinkles soften and relax, resulting in improving overall appearance. 

If you are particularly dealing with lines around the neck and eyes, go ahead with this treatment. Contact us now and book your appointment for better suggestions.

Skin Fillers

This skin treatment is for plumping up smooth lines, and wrinkles, and restoring volume in the face. Skin fillers or dermal fillers are a nonsurgical cosmetic process wherein our healthcare provider injects substances beneath the patient’s skin. 

If you are interested in enhancing your facial features or looking more youthful, contact us today and book your skin filler appointment immediately.

Note: Vizox Clinique is using fillers consisting of Hyaluronic Acid and Calcium

Laser Hair Reductions

At Vizox Clinique, we also offer laser hair reduction treatment to get rid of hairs throughout the body. If you’re tired of waxing, tweezing, or shaving to clear off unwanted hair, get in touch with us for your laser hair removal treatment.

The Vizox Clinique: The Ultimate Destination for Hair and Skin Transplants

At Vizox Clinique, skin and hair transplants are performed by experienced, certified, and trained healthcare providers. These surgeons have performed a plethora of successful transplants. 

With a highly skilled medical practitioner team and state-of-the-art medical infrastructure, Vizox Clinique should be your foremost choice if you are looking for a younger and more natural appearance. 

Best of all, we use advanced technology that offers top-notch services and efficient solutions to meet our patient’s expectations and desires. What are you waiting for? Visit our website to book an appointment with us to get great-looking skin and hair!

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