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Are you experiencing baldness or losing your hair significantly? Or are you trying to find the ideal spot for full-head hair regeneration? The good news is, you’ve come to the right page. Vizox Clinique, renowned as the best hair transplant clinic in Chandigarh, offers personalized, rejuvenated, and naturally astonishing appearances using advanced hair transplantation methods.  

Visit here for any hair fall problem and get satisfactory and effective hair fall treatment so that your hair can remain healthy and grow back naturally. We, as the best hair transplant hospital in Chandigarh, offer numerous top-tier hair restoration treatments based on world-class facilities and cutting-edge technology. 

Take advantage of the top-notch hair transplant expertise at Vizox Clinique, where utmost care and precision combine to provide the best treatment for each patient. If you want a natural appearance after a hair treatment procedure, contact us! 

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Hair transplant clinic in Chandigarh: Vizox Clinique is the best

When it comes to protected and comfortable outcomes after hair transplant, Vizox Clinique is considered the best for it. 

If you are losing hair over time or experiencing early hair loss and are typing the best hair transplant clinic near me, then contact Vizox Clinic immediately to get your hair fall problem diagnosed and treated. Our primary objective is to provide you with effective and latest implant treatments while ensuring a premium level of attention and care.

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    Different Kind of Hair Implants Offered by Vizox Clinique in Chandigarh

    Vizox Clinique is the singular and leading remedy for your hair loss issues, whether it’s related to scalp or facial (beard). The several kinds of hair transplants given at top-notch hair transplant Clinique in Chandigarh are given below:

    Beard Transplant

    In beard transplants, the donor site is usually on the sides and back of the head. The grafts will begin to grow normally after the initial recovery period, and the best part is that their shape and texture are similar to beard hair and continue to grow throughout life.

    The beard hair transplant in Chandigarh generally takes two to three days to complete, depending on the location that needs to be covered.  Grafts are usually used with one or two hair follicles which are best to achieve beard-friendly results or a natural look. The most important part of this surgery is the location and angle of the graft on which the final outcome depends. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right healthcare provider for beard implants.

    Sapphire FUE method 

    This method from Vizox Clinic involves harvesting grafts in which follicles are removed one at a time from the donor area. Compared to traditional strip harvesting, the advantages of the Sapphire FUE method are less visible scarring, minimal trauma, and faster recovery and healing. 

    Although initially used to create grafts from the scalp, the Sapphire FUE method is now being used for beard and body hair graft extraction. Fortunately, all people are eligible for FUE, but adequate methods and equipment are needed.  We are the sole fue hair transplant clinic in Chandigarh that has been using special Sapphire blades.

    PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma

    For platelet-rich plasma, blood in small amounts is pinched and centrifuged so that the blood separates into its components. Next, the platelet-rich plasma layer, which is thinner, is separated to be injected back into the head. To make the procedure painless, local anesthesia is used. 

    However, the effect of the treatment subsides significantly within an hour and no special precautions need to be taken before or after administration. Generally, three to four sessions are recommended at an interval of every four weeks and results start appearing from the third session onwards.

    DHI Technique

    The direct hair implantation method involves planting the collected hair directly into the scalp using a DHI pen. Once the hair is placed inside these grafts, it implants them directly into place. Therefore, because it opens canals exactly the size of the graft, there is less implantation scarring and bleeding. For the best DHI Hair Transplant in Chandigarh, call us and schedule your appointment.

    Contact the Best Hair Transplant Surgeons in Chandigarh

    As one of Chandigarh’s sought-after hair transplant clinics, we will deliver all the necessary information related to hair transplantation methods so you can opt for the best hair loss procedure for yourself. Based on your objectives and needs, you can make a strong decision.  

    Wrap Up!

    There are a number of ways in which hair transplants can be performed, including surgically, cosmetically, and clinically. At Vizox Clinique, we provide the most successful hair transplantation procedure such as DHI and FUT to give the hair volume in the most affected part of the head. The best part is our hair transplant procedure is offered at affordable prices that don’t put a burden on your wallet. 

    However, the hair implant procedure cost varies from clinic to clinic, based on the healthcare provider’s experience, success rate, the post-procedure surety, and the quantity of hair implanted. Whatever your problem is – improper growing beard, baldness, or excessive hair fall, visit the best hair transplant in Chandigarh and get the best possible solution in the form of a hair transplant procedure.

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