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The Vizox Clinique plan your hair transplant in order to obtain the most natural and intensive appearance possible. By performing your hair transplant procedure at Vizox Clinique, you can get a much more aesthetic and dynamic look.

With our Best hair transplant clinic in Chandigarh , the goal is for every patient to get as natural and dense appearance as possible. Hair transplantation involves a technique of treating gaps in between hair or areas of more than 50% baldness. We extract healthy hair roots from the scalp also called as grafts from nape of the neck, between both ears, that has not yet fallen out. Since the hair roots from the same patient are used in this treatment, there is no risk of contagious disease or there is no question at all that the body will not accept the transplanted hair.

Vizox Clinique, the best hair transplant clinic near me, offers affordable and reliable hair transplant solutions in Chandigarh. Their clinic is equipped with properly sanitized surgical equipment, and they provide immediate results and flexible payment options. With a focus on health and wellness, Vizox Clinique utilizes the latest hair transplant techniques to ensure a natural and dense appearance for every patient.

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Hair Transplant clinic in Chandigarh is a small procedure aiming at restoring the growth of hair to the areas of head that is either experiencing hair-fall or hair-loss. This became reality, both due to recent advancement in hair technology and the use of follicular grafts technique. Both these factors have paved the way to the new development of Innovative Hair Transplant Treatments in Chandigarh”. Doctors at Vizox Clinique utilize both Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Direct Hair Implant (DHI) to help you achieve the best results for your personality.

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Distinguishing Features

Immediate Hair Care

Unlike other clinics where waiting period is very long, at Vizox you don’t have to wait for months to get a high quality hair transplant.

Health & Wellness

We at Vizox take care of Health of each individual very seriously. We use properly sanitized surgical equipment and even our sheets are medically sterilized and complete clinic is sanitized everyday.

Hair Care solution

injected into the areas where the hairs are getting thinned and it also stimulates the Hair Follicles.

Reliable & Immediate Results

Convenient & Flexible Payment Options

Latest Hair Transplant Techniques

Vizox Team Uses Latest Hair Transplant Techniques to give extra ordinary results with 100% surety.

Our Packages Start From


  • Home Kit
  • Medical Test
  • Two Hair Restoration Therapy (PRP)


  • Home Kit
  • Medical Test
  • Two Hair Restoration Therapy (PRP)


  • Home Kit
  • Medical Test

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As a reputed Transformation Clinique, VIZOX will always there to answer your questions even after months or years of successful procedure. And, will remain in contact with you to maintain a strong patient-doctor relation.

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